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Art of the Beach

Posted by on May 22, 2013

South Padre Island Rope ManSouth Padre Island Rope Man

As you travel north up the ocean shore line far past where most will dare to go, you’ll find South Padre Island’s art of the beach. Artists unknown are using naturally occurring materials that wash up on the shore and turning them into works of art.

South Padre Island Flip Flop PoleSouth Padre Island Flip Flop Pole

How long does it take to collect all those shoes? They did a good job on burying the pole. It’s been there a long time. The endeavors can have patriotic flair. This one is still in the surf and just getting started. Someone with a winch needs to stand it up.

South Padre Island Patriot Surf Tree South Padre Island Patriot Surf Tree

The all time favorite still remains. The highly decorated lifeboat surf saucer has been here for at least 4 years. It’s marked with a nude beach sign, but the county line where jurisdiction ends is actually quite a bit farther north. The real county line is marked by something else.

South Padre Island Surf SaucerSouth Padre Island Surf Saucer

South Padre Island Surf Saucer Inside South Padre Island Surf Saucer Inside

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